Saturday, November 27, 2010


I see myself.
I'm seemingly entertainable.
I have however been sick. I'm practically incurable.
Doing something, constantly is a definite must.
There is but one thing I do to relieve myself of this illness.
You'll find me. On the couch. In my Sunny apartment.
There will be a simple, logical drink in my hand. I'm not particular.
Caffeine Free Diet Coke with just a hint of lime on the rocks.
Not too complex. Correct?
On my lap you'll find a lab top. Not mine. Not yet.
Four tabs will be opened. :
1. Netflix- I have to Keep Up With The Kardashians.
2. giving me insights I wouldn't see otherwise.
3. too pathetic. Several others with this same addiction.
4. A website allowing me to look deeper into the Kardashians life's.
My hands hold trashy magazines. After all Stars are just like US.
Past the cardigan. Past the Dr. P. Past the seemingly same symptoms.
You'll find Corinne.
Gossiping with me. We'll confer what we discussed thrice that day.
Professedly this is the real reason I don't like taking medicine.
I like the grape, orange and cherry flavor staining your mouth.
I'm healing. But its taking so long. I see this quite beneficial.