Friday, October 22, 2010


My obsession for pennies seems perpetual.
Although constant.
I find myself scouting for pennies when a tinsy boost is needful.
But why not look all the days of my life?
Pennies after all are everywhere.
While everyone looks at this is insignificant value.
I sense this urgency to hoard.
Confession. Compulsion.
I keep any penny I find heads up.
In a small, white envelope- in my top drawer.
Realizing what I want in times of need can be quite the demand.
I've had those moments.
I feel deserted, gloomy and am in need of some spiritual uplifting.
That's when I seem to call upon my HEAVENLY FATHER the most.
When I appraise my Scripture study.
I open my scriptures, point to a verse and pray.
In anticipation to find that answer I've been inquiring.
Shouldn't I invariably be looking?
Not only on the gloomy days.
On the Sunny days too.
I need that added boost every day.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I adore bubbles in my tummy.

Naturally from the lips of my mouth. Bubbles make me happy.

If I could bottle up that feeling. I would. Any day.

Some call it emotional distress. Aub's view an elation of peace.

I have this philosophy.

The happier your thoughts. The bigger the bubbles.

Ultimately your going to feel bloated, perhaps agitated.

This inflation brings joy to my soul as sun brings to the valley.

To manipulate this feeling would cause the strangest sensation.

The corners of my lips would soon extend in an upward motion.

As if to cause a smile.


With fail.

We do not care to notice.

Bubbles eventually must POP.

Our once adolescent goals.

The biggest balloon, the biggest gum ball, the biggest smile.

We blunder as children and discern it cannot always stay the same.

Seeming all so meaningful our enjoyment evaporates.

The Balloon POPS.

The gum looses taste.

The Smile fades.

As we grow our bubbles POP.