Friday, October 22, 2010


My obsession for pennies seems perpetual.
Although constant.
I find myself scouting for pennies when a tinsy boost is needful.
But why not look all the days of my life?
Pennies after all are everywhere.
While everyone looks at this is insignificant value.
I sense this urgency to hoard.
Confession. Compulsion.
I keep any penny I find heads up.
In a small, white envelope- in my top drawer.
Realizing what I want in times of need can be quite the demand.
I've had those moments.
I feel deserted, gloomy and am in need of some spiritual uplifting.
That's when I seem to call upon my HEAVENLY FATHER the most.
When I appraise my Scripture study.
I open my scriptures, point to a verse and pray.
In anticipation to find that answer I've been inquiring.
Shouldn't I invariably be looking?
Not only on the gloomy days.
On the Sunny days too.
I need that added boost every day.

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