Tuesday, August 23, 2011


contemplating my options I think sleeping at an immeasurable slant toward the floor- eh.
no sooner realizing: nope, not a dream- a reality. & it sucks.
I plummet off of my skyscraper mattress. thinking this will be fixed in a jif.
If ever I were askew this were that time.
Fixing the worlds most blatant bed is non-existent.
Giving up the ghost. As to quote scripture.
Walking away with my pride, a little mermaid blanket, and my blackberry clenched in my fist of rage.
I lie on the couch. Awake more so than I would be in a Final of any sorts.
Overwhelmed I begin to sleep. good.
NO bad I dream of a man just walking through our apartment- ehh HELP.
No Corinne- He wasn't cute.
To be inforced at 3 AM ONLY.
In certain circumstance the place in which you sleep known as "the bed" will tumble to slab below only when you are sleep deprived, stressed beyond all limits. Surpassing the limit , strength and ability of some of the greats- this includes fictional characters such as Harry James Potter as well as Hurcules and Captain America.
Tired & exhausted.
When it comes to sleep- you know the kind that we all need and love.
we can relate.
In my case I think even Hitler would feel compassion.
Realizing no sooner than 4:17 AM that my humor at this time is lumpish and obese I'll stop.

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